Nov 21, 2009

Step by step..

Salam ceria buat semua.. Kali ini nak cerita bagaimana sesebuah karikatur dihasilkan, kalau ikutkan teknik adalah lebih kurang sama dengan mana2 kartunis, namun masing2 ada kaedah tersendiri bagi mempercepatkan kerja / proses menyiapkan sesebuah lukisan.

Proses lakaran ni melibatkan pensel dari mula.. secara manual.Masa dalam 10-15 minit)

Setelah itu, Proses memasukan ink / dakwat. Paling utama pastikan jangan comot dan dakwat basah jangan kuyup! Faham2 lah... Nak buat kerja inker kena tenang bernafas dengan betul... Kalau belum makan pergi menyekik dulu. Setelah habis inker boleh lah guna pemadam lembut untuk padamkan kesan pensel.

Ni lah hasil tadi yang telah discan dengan menggunakan mesin pengimbas (scanner).. Lepas tu dengan save under jpeg format. Kemudian Perisian Adobe Photoshop digunakan untuk memberikan contrast outline inker tadi. Lain2 kerja yang dibuat masa proses ni ialah mendelete warna putih dan tinggalkan outline hitam sahaja pada layer background.

Ok.. kali ini proses yang memerlukan pemilihan warna asas untuk dimasukkan pada mana2 ruangan yang sesuai. Pada peringkat ni, kena putuskan warna agar bila nka buat tone nanti x pening kepala..

Ni adalah proses memasukan tone dan part yang paling seronok, perkara pertama kena pastikan lighting dari mana supaya shadow dia logik la. Proses ni yang lama sket, adalah makan masa 4-5 jam. (tolak nak ke tandas ngan layan FB lagi..)

Nah, dah siap warna latar belakang. Lakaran latar belakang terus lukis kat Photoshop.. x payah nak wat lakaran manual (buang masa jer).. yang penting kena serasi ngan angle subjek.. kalu x macam tampal semacam jer..

So Secara purata untuk menyiapkan satu2 karikatur ni kalau pulun betul2 cuma makan 2-3 hari dan itu tidak termasuk proses mencari ilham gaya aksi modelnya.. Keutamaan pada wajah yang nak dikarikaturkan.. setle wajah, lain2 dah senang. OK, itu aje nak share pada semua yang sudi menjengah ke blog mycartonnizz.. lain kali boleh merepek lagi kat sini.

Dan ribuan terima kasih kepada pasangan Meor Fariq dan Salana kerana menggunakan khidmat kartunis kami. Adios....!

Nov 16, 2009

a caricature for lovely couple Fariq & Salana

2 set finally siap weh..
just to share with all of you..myfriendzzz.. enjoy

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Nov 5, 2009

40th annyversary of Sesame Street

After 40 years and counting (plus spelling and other explorations), on "Sesame Street" everything's A-OK.. :P

Oct 28, 2009

the sketches

A brand new sketching come out that needed 2 day to create a full face sketching and developing the mood. Its not to simple but what i wanted to show is, how i to make up a face look cute and nice... when people look at the caricature they will smile and feels great. anyway, i love to make faces on my caricature look cute like japan cartoon!.. comel lotee..hihihi
so enjoy my draw and be ready for finishing artwork in....1 week perhaps.. :p.

a very fast sketch only takes 30 minutes to finish up the line and inking. this is my 3rd final sketch only for a faces..
this is the same couple and for this job they wanted this caricature for they wedding invitation card, so this final will full colour render and tone.. the output will hi res jpeg file for printing.
yeah, this is the man. this face was the 4th sketchs and i make it not to fat (hihi) and looks like he a cool person la..anyway hi was ma.

so cute ma.. like main-main jer.. this characture was ceate after all 2 days searching for a nice background set of this set. actualy i mostly like this.. more enjoyable and relax. no presure2 ma..

Oct 23, 2009

Learn to Draw Caricatures and Be the Life of the Party!

Yes you too can learn to draw caricatures quickly and easily and astound your friends with your new found talent. Even though it may seem to be a bit difficult and daunting if you've never tried it before, all you really need is some good instruction and practice.

Caricatures often exaggeration a body feature, such as the eyes, ears, nose, lips, chin, hair, etc. It's this cartoonish feature that makes a caricature so special. For example, in a David Letterman drawing, you make his ears huge in comparison to the rest of his face. Or you exaggerate the gap in his teeth. In a Jay Leno caricature, you draw a huge chin.

Your caricature could also portray a situation or personality trait that you want to highlight or draw attention to.

All you really need to get started are some good sketch pencils and a sketch pad. Then study your subject or picture, and make a statement with your caricature that people will notice. It's not a hard process, but you'll need the proper instruction and practice to get it right.

Just remember to have fun while drawing your caricature. It doesn't have to be perfect, but does need to resemble your subject.

Once you have perfected your technique, you will be a hit at every party and social gathering. People will love to be around you, for you will cause them to laugh and have fun. And who knows, you could even supplement your income with your new skill, or even embark upon a whole new career.

And all this can be possible in just 7 short days with the right instructions

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Oct 21, 2009

Monster Comics - I Am Coming For You

For those of you out there the best time of the year is coming up. Monster comics are published in full force each and every October. This is because of the holiday at the end of the month, Halloween. This is not only done because so many people are looking for that scary story to tell at their Halloween costume part, but for ideas on an all new costume.

Not every detail that is drawn in the monster comics can be brought to life, but you would be surprised how realistic the masks can be. Many of the best ideas come from the blitz of new characters from Marvel comics each year. They run a month long extravaganza of monster comics to fill the need to be scared.

Some of the monsters are not so original like giant apes but the story line is nothing like King Kong. Each year there is usually a new Swamp Monster that crawls out of the bayou to reign terror on the helpless country side. I love the imagination of these story tellers. Somehow they keep coming up with new and more different ways for monsters to wreak their havoc on unsuspecting victims.

Monster comics have come a long way since the days of Frankenstein and Wolfman. Today's creators incorporate what the world is like today, that can send an old tale into a new spin. Radioactive contamination use to be a rare subject, but today it spawns all sorts of creatures with all new terror.

Don't get me wrong, the new adventures of Wolfman still excite me but the graphics of some of the mutated monsters are just so cool it is unbelievable.

It's almost that time of year for a whole new set of monster comics to hit the stands. Look out for them before they get you.

Rare and vintage comic books are one the smartest investments you can make -- but more importantly, they are fun to own. Are you ready to buy comic books online? We have the comic books for sale that you have been craving at Comic Book Cravings. Visit us at

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Oct 18, 2009

Cartoon Drawing

Has cartoon drawing been a passion, something that you wish you could do, or just something that interested you? Cartoon drawing is fast growing as a very lucrative profession today. It is about expressing your thoughts and feelings, many a times in a humorous way because is also not about a realistic representation of what you see. Cartoon drawing is a great way to practice drawing as a sketch artist and/or can help you move to other artistic mediums.


Cartooning is such an art that does not always require you to be taking lessons from any art school. Cartoon drawing, although not representative of the real world, does follow many of the basic rules of drawing such as perspective, composition and design. It will allow you to create animated characters with features that are only restricted by your own imagination. All in all, it is really fun once you get into it.


Drawing is an art that has been prevalent since the ancient times where people did not have any specific language to write. First thing you might was to try is to begin by drawing things around you, simplify the lines and try to get the basic structure right. Many artists get frustrated when they start because they over complicate things, simplify your lines and concentrate on your line drawing. Remember that it is about being creative and coming up with your own unique drawing ideas.


There are many applications, but the most common are comic strips; they are very popular: Newspapers and magazines are always competing with each other for decent comic creators. Comics have been a mainstay of American entertainment for well over a century, and are enjoyed by a majority of the public. People look into doing comic book sketches because they are an alternative because these can cost a lot less than full blown inked art. Comic book illustration can be computer generated as well.

Cartoon drawing is a low cost hobby which can also be an exciting and rewarding career. It is pure fun both for professionals who earn their living through cartooning and hobbyists who draw cartoon only for personal pleasure. It is interesting because it gives you freedom to create all sort of characters without boundaries and explore your imagination. Just like with any discipline, it can be hard, but patience, time, and effort will always pay of.
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Oct 17, 2009

Caricature - Where's the Respect?

Many people are exposed to caricature while visiting amusement parks, festivals and in news paper publications as illustration that depicts political figures. Caricature is meant to be an exaggerated, sometimes grotesque imitation of a person. However the style of retail caricature used by many amusement park artists is very tame and less exaggerated. Sometimes these retail caricatures are really just cartoons that do not create a likeness of the subject.

Caricature artists must balance the elements of exaggeration and likeness. Too much exaggeration of the subject will destroy the likeness and the drawing will not be believable. In order to master this balance an artist will often spend thousands of hours drawing. Despite the thousands of hours of practice not to mention the mastery of a delicate balance of likeness and exaggeration; caricature art often is seen as a novelty art.

As a caricature artist myself I feel a sense of pride when I can create a drawing that makes someone smile and also captures their personality. I feel that the best thing I can do to promote respect for caricature is to strive for a high degree of craftsmanship. Quality is important, whether I am drawing caricature at a festival or creating a detailed illustration for publication. My work is not constrained to a certain style as style is subordinate to a strong drawing. Too much concentration on style can upset the balance between exaggeration and likeness. Drawing is a skill that cannot be under emphasized when it comes to caricature. In order to maintain a high degree of craftsmanship, drawing must become a discipline. Drawing has been the back bone of figurative art for centuries. I hope my work as an artist pays respect to this time honored tradition.

Oct 16, 2009

Introduction to Naruto

There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of Japanese anime to be watched, all across different genres and hence catering to different tastes. Anime is appreciated by all sorts of people from various cultural backgrounds in the world. However, there are a select few that become so popular that they end up being translated into English (either subbed, dubbed or both) and released in English speaking countries.

The one particular anime I wish to discuss in this article is Naruto. If you are relatively new to the anime scene, you may have heard of Naruto but not know much about it. It's likely that you have already been exposed to anime and don't realize it. Other long running and classic series include Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT, Pokemon and Bakugan. These other anime series are designed more for younger audience, boys primarily. Naruto on the other hand, I believe, is richer and has a deeper theme allowing it to be appreciated by a wider range of audience whilst still appealing to young boys.

Like pretty much all other anime, Naruto started as a manga. The story concept was conceived by Masashi Kishimoto. He also wrote and illustrated the art in the manga. The Naruto manga was published in 1999, which was then turned into anime and released to the Japanese public in 2002. It proved to be so popular that the series was translated into English and aired in the US (2005), Canada (2005), UK (2006) and Australia (2007). Naruto is still an ongoing series. The original series has completed with 220 episodes. The current second running series is called Naruto Shippuden.

Similar to other anime, the Naruto plot line is structured into arcs of stories where each arc often spans across several episodes. The arcs are separated by "filler" stand-alone episodes which have little or no consequential impact on the overall plot or character development. This approach is different to having purely stand-alone episodes where every episode is unrelated and inconsequential on the next episode. The idea of using arcs definitely has its advantages as you get to see deeper and more meaningful plots. Rather than experiencing short spurts of climax and plot resolutions, you get longer and grander climatic endings.

Basically, the story revolves around a boy with the title name Naruto Uzumaki who dreams of becoming a Hokage in his local village of Konohagakure. In the original series, Naruto is 12 years old. A Hokage is highest level achievable amongst ninja ranks and the individual at this level has the added responsibility of leading the village. The English translation for Konohagakure is Village Hidden in the Leaves and this is the primary geographical location for the stories.

That is basic premise behind Naruto Episode 1. The huge following of this animated series is not just due to the intricate plot lines and deep characters, but also the incredible music. To learn more about it, check out this hub on Naruto Music.


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